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Greenhouse Gas Emissions
I designed a few interactive visualizations on Observable. That includes a country, sector and sub-sector breakdown as well as a methodology to decompose growth rates using GHG emissions.
Covid-19 Bed Tracking
In partnership with hospital group Paris Saclay from AP-HP we teamed up with Guillaume Galuz and Rémi Quilliet to produce an app that gather output from different systems and retrieve a single dashboard to track bed capacity per hospital. See a demo here and code source here.
In partnership with the research center for lung transplantation at hospital Foch (France) and as part of the batch #5 of Data For Good France, we teamed up to build an ML model to improve extubation decision after a transplantation. See code source here and final presentation here (in french).
LeWagon - Data Science
LeWagon is the most acclaimed coding Bootcamp. I have helped design the content of their 9-week immersive Data Science bootcamp. Check the syllabus here.
Tomorrow was created to quantify our impact on environment. The first project I contributed to is the Electricity Map, a real-time display of carbon emissions related to electricity production. Learn more about Tomorrow here.
The Opportunity Project
See how much of your rent Airbnb can help cover. I had the chance to demo this app at the White House in October 2016 as part of the Opportunity Project. Learn more here
What are the jobs you could do with the same skillset ? Airjobs lets you explore this vast question. It was built by an Airbnb team at BayesHack 2016 for the Department of US Labor. You can learn more on the methodology here or try it yourself here.
Airbnb Trip Frequencies
Airbnb guests meet hosts they would not meet otherwise. This interactive adjacency matrix was built to illustrate Joe Gebbia's TED Talk Building for Trust. Learn more how Airbnb is building for trust in this medium post.
Work Hard
Do you work too much ? Work Hard lets you visualize the evolution of your workload. Try it here , or see mine here.
Data For Good France
I led a community of french data scientists that give their time to work on non-profit analytics projects. Learn more here (in French)
Txto is a platform to back up, visualize and print your text messages.
Le Wagon
Want to learn about Python / Pandas ? I teach an online class at Le Wagon, a major european bootcamp for people who want to answer their questions with modern data tools. Learn more here (in FR).
Search Analytics
Classifier to disambiguate queries. Is Crocus, a flower or a restaurant ?
How visitors hesitate before purchasing a flight ticket.
Market Basket Analysis
Market Basket Analysis (MBA) lets you see best product correlations.
A Day In The Life
A Day in the Life of an e-merchant. Hour by hour.

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